SEE:  Cannibal History of UK Royals

BabyEater Fighter Sabine McNeill
NOW ON TRIAL by Diana’s Murderers !!

Sands Attacks Cannibals */ **

@19:25 Child prostitute was warned by his pimp not to get into a white Rolls-Royce, because “the last two boys who got in the Rolls-Royce never got out alive.” The child went into the Rolls-Royce anyway. They took him to Hampstead. He was tortured there for 3 days with sexual violence. They dumped the child’s body off thinking he was dead.

RED ALERT | Calling All OpDeathEaters *

BabyEater Fighter Sabine was kidnapped by the BabyEaters of London in February & is still held hostage by UK Royal Courts of BabyEaters. Sabine is not doing well in prison. They are denying her medicines, and she’s 74 years old! BabyEaters like to kill old crippled women, too, especially the ones who stop them from raping & eating babies!!

Half a Million Paedos in UK
Police Overwhelmed & Stopped Arresting & Making it Legal !!

List of British Parliament Freemason Satanists *

UK Gov Caught in Prime Minister Paedophilia Cover-up | List | Edward Heath Cannibalism

General Sands v. BabyEaters of London in the News |  Court Update

Watch Hampstead Kids Describe Killing & Eating Babies !!!

Demonic Pope at Vatican Kills & Eats Babies */ **/ ***

Mountain of Evidence */ **/ ***/ ****
Holy Alliance
Nigerian Baby-selling Syndicate
German Paedophilia Project
Mormon WikiLeaks
South Korean Satanic President

New Jerusalem Queen Destroys Vatican for Jubilee


Operation Hydrant Breaking News
British MP Partners w/ Anonymous for SOS Royal Paedophila
Rotherdam Child Sex Scandal


WASHINGTON POST | British Soccer Paedophile Ring Operating for Decades | 1DEC2016
| Parliament Destroyed for Satan Paedophilia | 2DEC2016
INDEPENDENT | Child Abuse Inquiry Chaos in UK | 18NOV 2016
INDEPENDENT | Theresa May Guilty of Covering Up Mass Child Abuse | 19OCT2016
NBC | 400 Kids Rescued as 350 Adults Arrested in UK’s Canadian Pedophilia | 14NOV2013
ENGLAND’S STOLEN CHILDREN * (New Documentary)  */ **


CELEBRITY Spirit Cooking w/ Blood, Sperm & Breastmilk *

Hampstead Paul
Oldest UK Pedo Busted
English Football Child Sex
Clintons Rape and Eat Babies *
Time Magazine Paedophilia Institution  *
Philadelphia, Paedophilia
Scotland Yard Elite Murder Ring BUSTED !!
►Hampstead BabyEaters Murdered King Julian’s Lawyer

King Julian Stalked by BabyEaters !!


Anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild & Father Pope
Defend Vatican Paedophile Treasurer

71 Names of Paedophile Priests
140,000 Kids Vanish in the UK Yearly as
 UK named  “Most Corrupt Country” & “Paedophile Capital of the World*
 UK Hiding Hundreds of Paedophile Celebrities but busts only 1 in 100 for Rape

Operation Hydrant 1 JUL 2016

Operation HydrantOp Hydrant on London & Hollywood Paedocelebs

British Royal Guards Routinely Raped in Hazing Rituals *

Special Report:  Scotland Yard’s Operation Hydrant  *

2,777  UK Paedophiles:  90% STILL ALIVE —  0  Arrests

“Around ten per cent (298) of the 2,777 alleged offenders are deceased. Of these, 1,585 are within institutions and 319 are classed as persons of public prominence. The list includes 157 from the world of TV, film, or radio, 91 politicians (local as well as national), 44 people from the music industry and 18 from the world of sport.

Almost 850 different institutions are listed under Operation Hydrant, these include: 320 schools; 227 children’s homes; 96 religious institutions; 42 medical establishments; 26 prisons / young offenders’ institutes; 24 sports venues; and 11 institutions in communities (youth clubs, community center).”

  British Royals spent 2x more on no-charge Assange than on their own 30,000 Paedophile Victims.
EXPRESS | Names of Westminster Child Sex Ring Hidden by UK Queen | 21 JUL 2014

Uk Children Describe Satanic Rape Rituals
Forced to Eat Babies in Royal Court CoverUp



 Freemason Lodge inside Hampstead Christ Church Primary School
STATUS:  Open | Total Number of Children 188Christ Church Lodge


Dr. Hodes’ report, “Allegations need to be taken very seriously.”  Judgment (#130)
Physician says evidence of sex abuse in Medical Report (Summary E4 & E9)

#WhistleblowerKids Supporting Documents |  HR Tube | Hampstead Videos
BabyEater Police 1, 2 |BabyEater Councils 1, 2 | BabyEater Lawyers | BabyEater Court 1, 2

See Ritual Knife Stabbing
INSIDE Hampstead Primary School
BabyEater Actress Sophie Dix

Film Shot in Hampstead Christ Church Primary School Cottage

Accused Vicar Paul Conrad & Sophie Dix Fail to Show up for Court in Hampstead Case
and Hampstead Christ Church Vicar Transferred Out of UK

Black Magic in Hampstead & Highgate | Hampstead Area Gangs The Holly Greig Story

General Sands

Sheriff Sands Kidnapped in #BabyEater Case
BBC’S Victoria Derbyshire Deleting Sheriff Sands’ Comments
North Wales Police Chief Clive Wolfendale Sets Up Sheriff Sands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Chippendale Actor Impersonates Police Chief in Frameup of Sheriff Sands

Rothschild Satanic Parties

Behold, I will make the Synagogue of Satan which say they are Jews and are not
come and worship before thy feet and know that I have loved thee.

Anti-Christ Jacob Rothschild

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