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 Sunday Protests at Christ Church in Hampstead, UK
Christ Church Hill, London NW3 1JK

UK Paedophile DATABASE

to Justice Pauffley in Hampstead Case

Please email the judge’s clerk: with these Open Questions:

On behalf of the “evil and/or foolish” internet community, this is to alert Her Ladyship to some of the recent discoveries made online:

  1. Does she know how Mr Dearman advertises his daughter? This and many other wrongdoings by this ‘innocent father’ are published on Dearman Does Hampstead.
  2. Regarding historic precedence, did she know that
  3. Given that this 8-page report concludes “There is an urgent need to … review court cases, police and legal procedure…”, might Her Ladyship be willing to revise her views of March 2015?Has she seen the UN report that criticised the UK Government and led the Daily Mail to publishing on 02 August 2014: How London became the child abuse capital of the world: trafficked her by gangs, prey to pimps, paedophiles and murderers… the booming trade in ‘lost’ children that shames us all?
  4. Is she aware of what her colleague Mr Justice Jackson said on 14 January 2016: Most sex abuse cases go unsolved, as police fail to investigate?– This echoes paragraphs 107 and 108 of her judgement!
  5. Furthermore, the BBC published on 22 March 2016: Abuse victims should be ‘believed’, said College of Policing. Tim Tate writes and Dianne Core says on video that research has long established that children can NOT make up details of sexual abuse without having experienced it. Will Her Ladyship listen to Alisa and Gabriel to believe them, as EU Directive 2011/92 to combat child exploitation prescribes?