Occult Father of Alisa and Gabriel is
Actor Richard J. Dearman / Ricky J. Dearman

Ricky Dearman’s Hoaxstead Research Site  (1) | Scarlet Scoop is Ricky Dearman

Ricky Dearman is selling sex with his daughter in this screenshot. Click on image for source.


BBC VIDEO Interview w/ Actor Ricky Dearman
25 minutes of “crying” as not 1 tear falls from Dearman’s eyes.
Dearman admits he carried out violent abuse seconds after he denies it @ 11:40 in VIDEO

Children sexually abused, frequently dream their father Ricky Dearman is killing them. Medical Report
ricky dearman nudes

Ricky Dearman’s Aliases Document Child Pornography 

AANGIRFAN | Ricky Dearman | 20 FEB 2015

Actor Ricky Dearman and his Ching Hai Occult Affiliation

Watch Ricky Dearman Play Killer

Ricky Dearman Acting Reel from Rick Dearman on Vimeo.

BabyEater Lawyers

Ricky Dearman, satanic pedophile serial child sex murder, head of child sexual abuse and sacrifice satanic cult.


Mr Dearman is on constant move, stays in other people’s houses, mainly at Mr Hollings’. One of the addresses where children are taken to be abused is the corner house at 16 St Paul’s place, Islington, London. Tel: +44 7973 735441 +444 564 274900 (maybe changed now).  Sexual preferences: his children, Vanessa’s children, India, Millie, Kills at least one baby a day and shares to eat. Regularly travels to Thailand to abuse the children there; Has extensive contacts and buys babies from around the world; Runs lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business.

ricky dearman

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