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Our great friend and BabyEater Fighter Sabine McNeill has been kidnapped by the BabyEaters of London since February & is remanded until November when her trial starts. The restraining order is bogus, because the judge had no jurisdiction to place it on her. Sabine is not doing well in prison. They are denying her the medicines she needs, and she’s 74 years old. Our UK BabyEater Fighters are doing what they can to get Sabine freed, but they need OpDeathEaters assistance NOW! Sabine was set up by a pastor. That’s why she is where she is.  Fight for Sabine!! Show the BabyEaters they don’t stand a chance against THE BABYEATER FIGHTERS!!

Sabine McNeill, Hampstead Christ Church Whistleblower
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INTERVIEW:  Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry – 16 APR 2015

No Punishment without Crime” by  Sabine McNeill

See, also, Sabine’s page about her own case as a whistleblower of the Hampstead case. It is in the book that describes her work as a petitioner of the EU Parliament on child snatching and forced adoptions in the UK.