List of Convicted Parliament Paedophiles  |  UK Paedophile Database

Operation Hydrant

National Police Chief Council
2,328 suspects and 850 institutions in UK Parliamentary Paedophilia Coverup

3NewsNZ | Inquiry Encompasses all Institutions in England and Wales | 17 OCT 2015

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 Operation Hydrant Goddard Inquiry

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UK Police Identify 2,328 VIP Paedophiles with 90% ALIVE

Around ten per cent (298) of the 2,328 alleged offenders are deceased. Of these, 1,585 are within institutions and 319 are classed as persons of public prominence. The list includes 157 from the world of TV, film, or radio, 91 politicians (local as well as national), 44 people from the music industry and 18 from the world of sport.

Almost 850 different institutions are listed under Operation Hydrant, these include: 320 schools; 227 children’s homes; 96 religious institutions; 42 medical establishments; 26 prisons / young offenders’ institutes; 24 sports venues; and 11 institutions in communities (youth clubs, community center).

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Hundreds of Paedohiles are Getting Away with Child Rape as 30,000 Paedophile Victims Coming Forward